Shidoshi Chad Kartz, was born in the year of the horse on the 3rd day of November. He has trained in the martial arts for over a decade. His extensive experience attained through early study of Tae Kwon Do, Aikido, Jujitsu, and later, some training in the Philippine style, Kalli, help to enhance his undertanding and practise of Budo Taijutsu..

He has had the privilege and honour, of having been trained by some of the best teachers in the Bujinkan from around the world. In November 2000, Chad Kartz passed the Godan test and became a personal student of Grandmaster Dr. Masaaki Hatsumi, the inherent Soke of nine ancient Ryu (schools) which make up the Bujinkan system. Dr. Hatsumi. is the recipient of Japan's highest honor. . .National Living Treasure. He’s recieved an award from Pope John Paul as well as numerious awards , honorariums, and recognition from many other important world leaders.

Sensei Kartz has traveled extensively to many Canadian, US, and European cities to participate in various seminars. Mr Kartz has also attended Tai Kai’s annually for a good number of years to see and study with Soke in additon to travel to Japan for further training.

Mr. Kartz has interest in film and television, both on and off camera, and has appeared in several productions. During the production " Shanghai Noon ", he had the opportunity to meet with the legendary Jackie Chan. Sensei Kartz has performed as Stunt Actor, Actor, Production Assistant, and Background Action. He has helped place some of his student’s in films as well working with casting agents. Most notably for Paramount Pictures and Nickelodeon films.

Back in 1995 "Up North Productions" was formed as a joint venture between his brother Shane Kartz (also a teacher in budo taijutsu) and himself. The company produces martial art training videos.

Sensei Chad Kartz has instructed Ninjutsu at N.A.I.T., the University of Alberta, Edmonton Police Services, as well as to members of the Canadian Armed Forces, stationed at Edmonton’s military base. He has worked closely with a member of Edmonton’s maximum security correctional facility.

Sensei Kartz prides himself with his involvement in various charitable organizations, providing security for causes like " The Ride for Site." Participating in the "Evelyn Unger Bike-athon. There have been several general interest articles published in the local newspaper featuring Shidoshi Kartz on the subject of Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu and Ninjutsu; He’s performed demonstrations of the the "Bujinkan Martial Art" on a local variety show. He has also been photographed with Michael DePasquale Jr. for an article featured in KARATE INTERNATIONAL magazine.

Pictured Above: Nov. 2000, Mr. Chad Kartz standing with Hatsumi Soke after successfully passing the Godan test with 4 others. (l-r) David Newton, Todd West, Dr. Hatsumi, Chad Kartz, Ryan Lowe. (missing) Jimmy N.